Aluminium Trefoil Cable Cleats-ATFC Type


ATFC Type Trefoil Cable Cleats

Grey Hawk’s ATFC Type Aluminium Cable Cleats are made of cast aluminium alloy.  These are designed for direct fixing on to cable ladders and channels.

Part No.Cable Dia A
Cable Dia A
GH ATFC 15-301530108804530
GH ATFC 30-4530451511206630
GH ATFC 45-6045601841518540
GH ATFC 60-75607522619311440
GH ATFC 75-90759026723514240
GH ATFC 90-1079010731928217150
GH ATFC 107-12910712939035220357
GH ATFC 129-15512915545539724457

Technical Data:

  • Operating temperature -60 degrees Centigrade +100 degrees Centigrade
  • Suitable for use with LV/MV & HV Cables.