Two Bolt Type Aluminium Cable Cleats

Grey Hawk’s Two Bolt Type Aluminium Cable Cleats are made of cast aluminium.  The design enables the cleats to be stacked on top of another.  These are designed for direct fixing on to cable ladders and channels.

Part No.Cable Diameter A
Cable Diameter A
BCDEBolt Fixing
GH ATC 30-40304048769545M10
GH ATC 40-504050608411045M10
GH ATC 51-575157688411449M10
GH ATC 57-645764769412249M10
GH ATC 64-706470809812450M10
GH ATC 70-7670769011013650M10
GH ATC 76-8376839611714352M10
GH ATC 83-89838910212415060M10
GH ATC 89-95899510613015460M10
GH ATC 95-1019510111013015465M10
GH ATC 101-10810110811813616565M10
GH ATC 108-11410811412414217165M10
GH ATC 115-12511512512815017585M10
GH ATC 125-13512513514016619485M10

Technical Data:

  • Manufactured from alluminium alloy.
  • Available as two piece, two fixing design.
  • Suitable with cables from Dia. 30mm to 135mm
  • Can be double stacked on common fixing.
  • Operating temperature -60 degrees C +100 degrees C
  • Confirming to IEC 61914