Liquid Tight Flexible Steel Conduits

Liquid Tight Flexible Steel Conduits

Liquid Tight Flexible Steel Conduits are similar in construction to standard PVC coated pipes with the difference that there is a further nylon cord intertwined between the interlocked clutch construction that ensures IP66 protection to the wires run within such flexible conduits.

This is a standard Industrial Conduit with Galvanized sheet steel inner core and PVCu oversheath. The range exhibits excellent resistance to sudden temperature variations. The conduit is helically wound with internal double lock metallic clutch manufactured from galvanized steel conforming to metal with thick smooth walled PVCu  oversheath.

The Liquid tight PVC coated Metal Flexible Conduits have a smooth outer PVCu sheath allowing complete sealing of fittings to conduit. The product is supplied in Black or Grey as per requirement.

SizeInside DiaOutside DiaMin Bend RadiusPart No.
Min (mm)Max (mm)Min (mm)Max (mm)
3/8" (12mm)12.312.817.51860GHE-LTFC-12
1/2" (16mm)15.816.320.821.380GHE-LTFC-16
3/4" (20mm)20.721.226.226.7100GHE-LTFC-20
1" (25mm)26.226.832.733.4150GHE-LTFC-25
1-1/4" (32mm)34.835.441.442.2180GHE-LTFC-32
1-1/2" (38mm)40.140.647.448.3200GHE-LTFC-38
2" (51mm)51.351.959.460.3250GHE-LTFC-51
2-1/2" (64mm)6363.672.173300GHE-LTFC-64
3" (75mm)7878.887.988.9450GHE-LTFC-75
4" (100mm)101.6102.6113.2114.3600GHE-LTFC-100

Technical Data of Liquid tight flexible steel conduits

Sizes:  Available from 3/8” to 4”

Material:  Galvanized Steel Core with PVC sheath

Characteristics:  Waterproof, corrosion resistant, sunlight resistant, and oil and flame resistant.

Color:  Black and Grey

Temperature Range:  -10° to +120° C