Bare Copper Tapes

Bare Copper Tapes are used as conductors in a an earthing and lightning protection system.  These are made of pure electrolytic copper.  Copper tapes conduct electrical current from lightning as well as short circuit currents in an earthing system.

SizeMaterialPart No.
20x1.5 mmCopperGHE-CT-201.5
20x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-203
25x1.5 mmCopperGHE-CT-251.5
25x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-253
25x4 mmCopperGHE-CT-254
25x6 mmCopperGHE-CT-256
30x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-303
31x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-313
31x6 mmCopperGHE-CT-316
38x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-383
38x6 mmCopperGHE-CT-386
40x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-403
40x6 mmCopperGHE-CT-406
50x3 mmCopperGHE-CT-503
50x6 mmCopperGHE-CT-506

Technical Data of Bare Copper Tapes

Material:  Electrolytic Copper