Copper bonded earth plate

Copper Bonded Earth Plate

Copper Bonded Earth plate is used as part of an earthing and lightning protection network.  These are used where earth rods are unsuitable.  These are made of mild steel with copper plating.

SizeMaterialPart No.
300x300x3mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-333
500x500x1.5mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-551
500x500x3mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-553
600x600x1.5mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-661
600x600x3mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-663
900x900x3mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-993
1000x1000x3mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-10103
1200x1200x3mmMS with Copper PlatingGHE-CBEP-12123

Technical Data of Copper Bonded Earth Plate

Material:  Mild steel with copper plating.