At Grey Hawkquality-500958_640, quality has been our highest priority. With changing times, being cost effective at the same time providing quality product is of a challenge. We have achieved this by incorporating the best manufacturing processes and technology.

We have a very strong quality policy, which we adhere to during and post production. Our products undergo stringent quality checks right from the raw material selection until packing and dispatch.

Be it Cable Lugs (Cable Terminal Ends), Cable Glands, Cable Cleats or Earthing and Lightning protection accessories, all the raw materials are sourced from reputed and qualified vendors.  Vendors are shortlisted and chosen on the basis of different parameters like quality of the raw materials supplied, delivery schedules,  stability of the company, their capability to adapt to changes in specifications etc. Copper tubes for Cable Lugs are checked for the required inner and outer diameters, conductivity, etc.  Likewise, high quality brass and gunmetal are used for our cable glands and earthing and lightning protection accessories to ensure that they are durable and superior in quality. Raw materials are checked in house as well as accredited third party laboratories to ensure quality.

Our team of qualified and committed professionals supervises each step of the production process thereby ensuring that our customers get the best quality product. We are accredited by ISO 9001:2008 certification for our quality standards.

Our endeavour is to constantly anticipate and identify the need of our customers and create products that suit their requirement. We constantly produce newer and better products to serve the need of dynamic markets, thereby enabling competitive edge in the market.